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Attenuex is working on several projects in the space of healthcare, including the identification of physical/mental conditions through AI/ML analyses of electroencephalogram (EEG) signals, speech production, and medical health records in combination with environmental factors. We have expertise in signal processing, image/video feature extraction, modeling dynamics of human movement, and modeling time-dependent processes such as patient medical history.


academia + non-profits

One of Attenuex’s main focuses is providing grant support. Both in helping to write grant proposals and performing the AI/ML work detailed in those proposals. There are many subdomains of the sciences in which AI/ML can be applied, but where experts native to the field do not have the programming or mathematical backgrounds required to correctly apply it. Attenuex helps researchers bridge this gap when going after federal grants to fund their research. We offer assistance in every stage of this process as it relates to AI/ML including ideation, proposal writing, and project execution.



Attenuex can help you set up fraud detection for insurance claims, personalized risk assessment that will allow you to beat out competitors for low-risk individuals while reserving high premiums for high-risk individuals, and automated AI/ML systems for data entry and customer support.



Attenuex helps companies optimize their workflows for production and delivery of goods and services. This can come in the form of scheduling optimization, product demand predictions, or building AI/ML into product software, among others. You don’t even need to know which pieces need to be optimized. We can analyze your data and tell you which processes/parts AI/ML can improve. Just schedule a free consultation below.



From network optimization, predictive maintenance, RPA, … and referral marketing to consumer retention… and recruitment and media optimization, AI/ML is creating massive cost-efficiencies across the telecommunications and media industries. Attenuex’s experts have experience building simple and complex AI/ML infrastructure and solutions in these areas.



AI/ML can improve the consumer experience and improve the efficiency of retail stores. Schedule a free consultation so we can tell you what processes can be optimized and what features improved based on the data you have available.



When people think of AI applications in government their minds often jump to surveillance. While this is certainly one application that AI/ML has in government, the majority of use-cases in government agencies are related to workflow optimization and automation of tasks like data entry, and detection of suspicious activity such as activities that may be indicative of fraud.



The aerospace industry generates massive amounts of data. From supply chain management, to warehouse forecasting, to T&E, air traffic control, and human resources, AI/ML is creating multiple operational and logistical efficiencies in aerospace. Attenuex’s experts can help you understand how and where AI/Ml can be applied in this space and help design and develop in-house pilot projects reducing total risk and costs.